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goalie / вратарь
имя существительное
goalkeeper, keeper, goalie, goalee
He plays more like a sweeper than a goalie , clearing the ball before the forward can even get to it.
The goalie retreated, with head bowed in contrition, as the ref showed him the yellow card.
As in any tournament, the goalie will have a great deal to do with how far this team goes.
So what does it feel like to face a breakaway, when it's all left up to the goalie ?
No matter how good the opposing goalie is, he can be distracted by traffic in front of his net.
If you're a goalie , you've got to know what the other side is going to try and do as best yon can.
The goalie will rant and rave and say they have to get through it out on the pitch, but sometimes it's better they have a rest.
Their goalie did not have a worthwhile save to make, but some of our lads need games to get their match fitness up to scratch.
Seriously though, as a defender you need that kind of positive communication from your goalie .
The playoffs are when goalies , anonymous outside of their own area, get to show their stuff to a larger audience.