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go-getter / предприимчивый человек, предприимчивый делец, хваткий и удачливый человек
имя существительное
предприимчивый человек
предприимчивый делец
хваткий и удачливый человек
имя существительное
an aggressively enterprising person.
In their heyday, we have discovered, Shakers were business go-getters and technologists.
I'm a go-getter in my family business and community.
It is quite possible that the strong-willed go-getting CEO's have been brought up by a very capable and active mother and learnt from them unconsciously.
Market historians tend to view early American farmers as acquisitive, money-making, land-hungry, entrepreneurial go-getters .
He explained that people who wear their hearts on their sleeves tire sooner than the laid back and a team of go-getters would be likely to exhaust themselves quickly.
Yeah, Fox was the go-getting new kid on the block.
It was once said that Britain was divided into herbivores, the gentle types who read the Guardian and believe in collectivism, and carnivores, the thrusting go-getters who favour rugged individualism.
As such, the punk movement, whether it would acknowledge it or not, paved the way for the go-getting - or selfish, depending on your point of view - decade that would follow.
Instead of continuing as the conventional sedate ‘providers of knowledge’ they should become go-getters and in the process if they are considered for a nomenclature change from teacher to classroom manager, so be it.
If the government is keen on winning the confidence of the people, it must unleash some of its go-getting , hands-on, upright and efficient bureaucrats to take charge of these areas and implement development programmes on a war footing.
In their heyday, we have discovered, Shakers were business go-getters and technologists.