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go-between / связующее звено, сват, посредник
имя существительное
связующее звено
link, connecting link, intermedium, go-between
matchmaker, marriage-broker, go-between
intermediary, mediator, agent, broker, middleman, go-between
pimp, procurer, pander, cadet, go-between
имя существительное
an intermediary or negotiator.
This branding of young minds has become its own industry, with companies like the Field Trip Factory operating as go-betweens to link local schools with corporate chains.
For the common man, it is still the broker who is generally preferred as a go-between for arranging matches.
She's acted as a go-between , in a very literal sense, between me in London and him in Toronto.
Despite the sombre contents of the tapes, the go-between who helped record the interviews said recently that people would be surprised at what a cheerful lady she ultimately was.
Acting as the go-between , the broker would charge the young man 5,000 yuan to complete the deal.
Mr Laird became the go-between in the negotiations that led to Ms deVere's redundancy package.
Essentially they act as a go-between and a meeting place for all sorts of people interested in where their city is going.
For all his managerial responsibilities, however, the go-between was only an intermediary.
The incident came to light in July after an man who claimed to have brokered the first secret meeting came clean to a local news weekly on his role as a go-between for such contacts.
Don't facilitate negotiations or act as a go-between for people who are willing to share power but who won't actually talk to each other.
Those key players include representatives of peak industry and business groups, diplomats and influential negotiators and go-betweens on the trade talk circuit.