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gnomic / гномический, афористический
имя прилагательное
gnomic, gnomical
aphoristic, gnomic, gnomical
имя прилагательное
expressed in or of the nature of short, pithy maxims or aphorisms.
that most gnomic form, the aphorism
Malraux's own prose could be oracular, gnomic and mannered, but it never, ever, sounded like a series of captions to a photo spread in Paris Match.
These gnomic texts serve as a kind of decentering device, forcing the viewer to abandon traditional notions of meaning and enter into Dittborn's symbolic world.
What is missing, he argues, is an acknowledgement of the history of delay, prevarication, demands for clarification, gnomic utterances, false trails, garden paths and double-speak by the republican leadership.
The phrases evoke both the portentousness of a movie script and the gnomic meter of haiku.
DeLillo's characters have often talked in epigrams or gnomic utterances; now these have a future-shock fatalism about them.
We hear iambs, trochees, Virgil's hexameters, the Norse alliterative lines, each arranged in their various couplets, quatrains, choric stanzas, gnomic verses, and much more besides.
The lyrics at times become too obscure and in some places descend into gnomic utterance.
In The Approach, a mostly white painting with edges of yellow-gold, a mystical luminosity is supported by a gnomic title.
Even his private comments grew much more guarded as the work itself became increasingly gnomic and resistant to interpretation.
He had a talent for self-advertisement and had built himself up into a picturesque figure given to gnomic utterances about his own significance in the world.