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gnome / гном, карлик, финансовый воротила
имя существительное
gnome, dwarf, leprechaun
dwarf, midget, gnome, pygmy, manikin, elf
финансовый воротила
имя существительное
a legendary dwarfish creature supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground.
Elves and men and gnomes and goblins alike looked about in fear and confusion.
a short statement encapsulating a general truth; a maxim.
Who originally came up with the idea of kidnapping garden gnomes and sending the owner photos of the gnome in front of tourist sites around the globe?
Danny had to jump out of the way of one car that spun out of the road and into someone's garden, knocking over a gnome and squashing a frog emerging from a pond.
A catlike purple creature startled the gnome into standing up.
a grizzled gnome of a man
As one commentator says, such local assaults are ‘akin to a man knocking down a gnome in his own garden’.
A 40-year-old gnome which was stolen from a garden home has been returned.
An oversized gnome , he looms over garden ponds, stares wistfully up at bedroom windows.
If you have ever fancied a pot policeman gnome for the front garden or a pair of matching T-shirts with the words Head Gardener and Head Gardener's Assistant on the front, this is the place to come.
The most exotic species of native wildlife that I expect to see in my garden is a plastic gnome .
A person or persons unknown stole a gnome from our front garden.