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gnawing / грызть, глодать, разъедать
gnaw, crunch, eat, chomp, scrunch, champ
gnaw, fester
fret, corrode, eat, eat away, erode, attack
имя прилагательное
persistently worrying or distressing.
that gnawing pain in her stomach
bite at or nibble something persistently.
watching a dog gnaw at a big bone
cause persistent and wearing distress or anxiety.
the doubts continued to gnaw at me
Jealousy gave him respite from gnawing pains of melancholy.
Here was a little piece of miserable, gnawing confirmation.
Every waking moment was filled by a gnawing hunger.
They both acknowledge a gnawing suspicion Condit knows more than he is saying.
I suspect both sides have enlisted troops to satisfy gnawing uncertainties.
OK, it is hard to completely avoid a sense of gnawing unease.
They pull fast ones to get legal prescriptions to alleviate the gnawing need for heroin or crack cocaine.
Most of her subjects took three years to find the work that finally quieted their gnawing sense of discontent.
I like the gnawing dissatisfaction I carry home with me.
The self-hatred grew into a constant, gnawing pain.