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gnaw / грызть, глодать, разъедать
gnaw, crunch, eat, chomp, scrunch, champ
gnaw, fester
fret, corrode, eat, eat away, erode, gnaw
bite at or nibble something persistently.
watching a dog gnaw at a big bone
cause persistent and wearing distress or anxiety.
the doubts continued to gnaw at me
the grubs tunnel into the wood and gnaw it away
the doubts continued to gnaw at me
What the revolutionaries did not foresee was that these changes would soon gnaw at the very heart of their conservative base.
I swear, if he tries to pet me, I will gnaw his fingers off.
He had never known words could hurt this much, that they could gnaw at him, cause so much pain.
We will once more stand against the uncivilised cowards who gnaw at the soul of our democracies.
And in the meantime, the continued refusal to acknowledge that things just aren't working out begins to gnaw at you.
watching a dog gnaw at a big bone
But it's a challenge he does not intend to repeat because of the hours of training which have to be devoted to building up stamina - although he did admit on Tuesday that the thought of beating his time was beginning to gnaw at him.
There are several phrases, tossed about casually in everyday conversation, which gnaw at the part of my brain that processes logic, driving me to anger and frustration.