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gnat / комар, мошка, москит
имя существительное
mosquito, gnat, midge
midge, gnat, blackfly
mosquito, gnat
имя существительное
a small two-winged fly that resembles a mosquito. Gnats include both biting and nonbiting forms, and they typically form large swarms.
Included among the invertebrates are moth flies, wood gnats , midges, punkies, mosquitoes, marsh beetles, and beelike or wasplike syrphid flies.
The skin on the side of his face burned suddenly and the brunette slapped a hand to his cheek, expecting it to come into contact with a mosquito or a gnat .
I was only a gnat in the affair
she'd be marking O'Brien—a gnat trying to curb an elephant
Simply fill its attractive sterling silver jewelry with a citrus-scented oil to naturally repel mosquitoes, gnats , bees and wasps.
Most people would probably mistake them for small flies, such as gnats or midges.
The swamp itself was muddy, turbid, and infested with biting gnats and mosquitoes.
He'll do 2,000 yards of swimming every morning; he'll rappel down any cliff he needs to; he will shake off any small-arms fire as if it were a swarm of gnats .
Even with the inside plants, the coffee shop never has to worry about flies or gnats .
The air over the high purple heather was dense with heavy black gnats , flying ants, and scary but sleepy long orange and black insects.
If you opt for the latter, though, keep a sharp eye out for airborne swarms of gnats .