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gnash / скрежетать, скрежетать зубами
gnash, grind, grate, rasp
скрежетать зубами
grind the teeth, grit the teeth, gnash, grit to the teeth, grit one's teeth
имя существительное
скрежет зубов
grind (one's teeth) together, typically as a sign of anger.
no doubt he is gnashing his teeth in rage
Growls curl out of my throat, my teeth gnash in my mouth.
the dog's jaws were primed to gnash
My claws flash and my teeth gnash , making grinding noises in my ears.
the dog's jaws were primed to gnash
Teeth gnashed in senior common rooms: could the university not support one expert in Sogdian?
He roars and snarls at the crowd, his eyes rolling, his teeth gnashing .
The avalanche scene will be the talking point of the film, which was, in a word, spectacular, but my favourite bit was when Diesel is staring at a brick wall and starts crying and gnashing his teeth.
Heathcliff is routinely described during the course of the narrative as grinding, clenching, and gnashing his teeth.
So the whole thing becomes an anti-climax that set my teeth gnashing once again.
So at least I'm not delivering the platter to my DVD player with my teeth gnashing in fury.