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glyph / глиф, символический знак, рельефно вырезанная фигура
имя существительное
символический знак
рельефно вырезанная фигура
имя существительное
a hieroglyphic character or symbol; a pictograph.
flanges painted with esoteric glyphs
an ornamental carved groove or channel, as on a Greek frieze.
According to glyphs carved on a stone altar, Yax K'uk Mo arrived at Copán on 8 February 427, five months after his coronation on 5 September 426.
As she did so, she noticed the glyph that decorated the center of the cross guard.
The author renders the word tradition into a signifier of doubtful intentions, a glyph whose meaning has yet to be ascertained.
It especially rules women, as indicated by the glyph , which is the universal symbol for womankind.
Schulman interprets the glyph as two Crescents of Soul interconnected via a Cross of Matter.
The glyph for Neptune is the symbol of a trident, which stands for rulership over the sea.
An extinct script, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, Babylonian cuneiform or the glyphs of the ancient Maya of Central America, may strike us as little short of miraculous and bizarrely different from our own alphabetic scripts.
It was understood that a large percentage of the glyphs on any given Maya monument were dates - dates, moreover, that placed each object within an elaborate and incredibly precise series of calendrical cycles.
As the breakthrough of recent years in the decipherment of Mayan glyphs reminds us, there are secrets in the ‘new-found’ land of America still to be unearthed.
He summoned the energies not just through the focus he wore about his neck, but also through the glyphs and foci embedded in the excessive number of protective wards he had placed around the balcony and tower.
To make the glyphs , the ancient carvers used chisels, probably of hard, fine-grained quartzite, which they struck with hammers of stone or antler, each blow chipping out one small stone flake.