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glue / клей
имя существительное
glue, adhesive, paste, cement, size, gum
имя прилагательное
adhesive, sticky, glutinous, gooey, gummy, glue
stick, glue, stick down, gum up
glue, restick, paste
имя существительное
an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together.
Adhesives and glues are substances that are capable of bonding two solid materials together at their surfaces.
fasten or join with or as if with glue.
the wood is cut up into small pieces which are then glued together
The glue used was an epoxy resin of which two types were employed for different reasons.
Madeleine brushed a streak of glue next to the Polaroid and stuck the green paper to the wall.
Then designate him as the control, and stick to him like glue for the rest of the night.
The self-assembly chairs, tables and sofas fit together without screws or glue .
Researchers plan to use the substance as a sort of glue for teeth-straightening braces.
what is the glue that holds companies together?
The meat was being made to adhere together due, basically, to toxic glue .
The glue supplied to stick nail on nail would do a sterling job of adhering the girders of the Forth Bridge together.
The next day I woke up and my eyes had swollen and were stuck together with what seemed like glue .
Squeeze a dot of glue in the middle of the stick and press the face bead in it until set.