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glower / нить накаливания, сердитый взгляд
имя существительное
нить накаливания
сердитый взгляд
scowl, glower
смотреть сердито
glower, scowl
имя существительное
an angry or sullen look.
My glower became a frown, and I folded my arms, leaning back against the couch.
have an angry or sullen look on one's face; scowl.
she glowered at him suspiciously
Dimitri shot him a scathing glower , though it gained him nothing.
Deirdre's eyes were set in a determined glower , David's teeth gritted in effort.
He glanced up, meeting the glower of the soldier standing before him, then looked down at his feet, scuffing the dust on the paved road absently with the toe of one of his boots.
Aaron tensed up when Giovanni gave him an almighty glower .
A faint smirk pulls at the corners of Alonzo's pale lips, but noticing it, he immediately replaces the smirk with yet another angry glower .
Timothy slowly turned a frightening glower on his partner.
The teacher pierced him with a glower , so he stuck his hands behind his back again and strolled away from the students, developing a sudden interest in the back of the room.
After her brief moment of shy nervousness, she began to feel a sharp indignation flaring up, and she shot a glower up at him.
It was an intemperate outburst, but even as he stamped out of the room with a dark glower , his inquisitors were breaking into smiles.
the angry glower on the face of the policeman