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glow-worm / светлячок, жук-светляк
имя существительное
lightning bug, glowworm, firefly
имя существительное
a soft-bodied beetle with luminescent organs in the abdomen, especially the larvalike wingless female, which emits light to attract the flying male.
Although there are no fireflies in Britain, maybe I should also spend the summer searching for a glow-worm over here - people are already organising walks for 2003 to hunt for them.
At first, I thought it must have been some sort of mutant glow-worm !
While some locals have ascribed the lights to UFOs, others blamed swarms of fireflies or even glow-worms .
The best way to explore them and see the unique blue light of the glow-worms clinging to them is on a black-water rafting trip.
That night, after dark, we descended to a cutaway in a hillside where we could view the tiny lights of glow-worms , a first for all of us.