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glow / свечение, жар, румянец
имя существительное
glow, luminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, fire
heat, fever, glow, fire, fervor, ardor
blush, glow, flush, color, bloom, ruddiness
shine, glow, light up, gleam, phosphoresce, glory
blaze, glow, burn, flame, be ablaze
burn, glow, broil, flame, combust, blaze
имя существительное
a steady radiance of light or heat.
the setting sun cast a deep red glow over the city
give out steady light without flame.
the tips of their cigarettes glowed in the dark
I see the glint off its silver sides, the red glow where re-entry has heated it to some high temperature.
The light should glow for a moment and then go off.
If, for instance, we left the square feeling a warm glow , thinking we had done something about world poverty, then the event must be called a failure.
But some of his fellow passengers looked around nervously under the glow of red cabin lights.
the setting sun cast a deep red glow over the city
When I sat up again, I felt a pleasant glow spreading from my shoulder down to my elbow, and I found that the arm had complete freedom of movement again with almost no pain.
The sun was shining, the food at the restaurant was good and I was left with a warm glow in my tummy afterwards.
He felt a glow of pleasure at being right and then a shiver of fear as he remembered the deaths that the case had caused.
This is Kennedy's first time helping to organize the fair, which explains why he does not have quite the glow of enthusiasm that the girls do.
Coming out of the theatre in the cold and the rain, I felt a warm glow inside me and fervently prayed for a kinder new year.