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glossy / глянцевый, блестящий, лоснящийся
имя прилагательное
glossy, satined
brilliant, shiny, shining, bright, glossy, sparkling
shiny, glossy, sleek
имя прилагательное
shiny and smooth.
thick, glossy, manageable hair
superficially attractive and stylish, and suggesting wealth or expense.
glossy TV miniseries and soaps
имя существительное
a magazine printed on glossy paper, expensively produced with many color photographs.
The media's preoccupation with body size runs the gamut from teen magazines to tabloids, the glossies and, yes, even broadsheets which should know better.
He doesn't even go near the pavement booksellers, however attractive their display of paperbacks in glossy covers looked.
I'm not beautiful, I don't have silky smooth, glossy hair and stick thin legs.
He slid the color glossy across the black lacquer top to her.
This is the sort of thick paper, nicely printed glossy lifestyle magazine that looks nice on your coffee table.
All these consultants and their public consultations will end up producing shelves and shelves of glossy documents with artist's impressions etc and result in not one single brick being laid.
An educated guess would be that the pictures are, indeed, touched up and air-brushed because most photographs in glossy magazines are.
In between times, she continued to paint and write articles for many glossy coffee table publications.
They produce attractive leathery glossy leaves which, depending on species and variety, add colour in winter.
So the sets look glamorous and glossy , yet the lighting creates startling contrasts between light and shadow.
You'll also need an anti-humectant styling product with silicone to lock in your style and make hair smooth and glossy .