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glorify / прославлять, возвеличивать, превозносить
glorify, celebrate, laud, glory, sing, fame
exalt, glorify, aggrandize, dignify, apotheosize
exalt, praise, extol, glorify, laud, eulogize
reveal or make clearer the glory of (God) by one's actions.
God can be glorified through a life of scholarship
describe or represent as admirable, especially unjustifiably or undeservedly.
a football video glorifying violence
music is used to glorify God
Essentially, church leaders are asking what it costs to operate the ministry that can glorify God.
But in our zeal to do that, we go after everything that resembles violence or seems to glorify it.
There are positive aspects to his book, such as his emphasis on the need to glorify God in all that we do.
The good thing is that he doesn't glorify the old violence.
The film does not glorify war and certainly does not present its characters as heroes.
Working for the church is a ministry, not a career; one does it to glorify God, not for remuneration.
Your end as man - who is soul as well as body - is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever.
We economists emphasize efficiency over equity, glorify greed, and exalt the achievements of free markets, to name just a few.
How exciting it is to use our spiritual gifts to glorify God and to grow to know the heart of a servant.