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glop / glop
имя существительное
a sticky and amorphous substance, typically something unpleasant.
the snow was sun-softened glop
It's easy to make a mess of zabaglione and turn it into a heavy glop , but this was as light as a feather - and perfect.
An unforeseen and ill-timed coughing incident means a huge great glop of red wine leaves your glass and lands on the sofa cushions.
Tara takes another look at the glop , shakes her head fondly, and turns off the heat
The sun reflected off the snow will burn through even thick layers of glop .
I stabbed at my plate of cafeteria glop unenthusiastically.
a glop of creamy dressing
Finally, he was satisfied with his work and pulled his hand gently out, coated in green glop and various internal juices.
a glop of creamy dressing
This prevents you from dumping a large glop of seasoning on the food.
All three versions combine the joy of dry, splintery pastry with the joy of chewy, indigestible glop .