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glooms / хмуриться, заволакиваться, омрачать
frown, scowl, lour, gloom, frounce, lower
cloud over, cloud up, gloom, haze
darken, overshadow, cloud, overcloud, shadow, gloom
have a dark or somber appearance.
the black gibbet glooms beside the way
be or look depressed or despondent.
Charles was always glooming about money
Light and dark, the sun and the moon - don't let these dualities lead you to gloom .
He got to the end and stopped; a deadly silence gloomed .
He gloomed over average household rates rises of 4.5 percent this year, warned that they could fire inflation, cause a tightening in monetary policy, depress the entire economy.
Lucia looked outside and saw grey smoldered clouds glooming over her house, the redness of dawn shined behind its gloomy mask.
Just then, he saw a large house glooming in the distance.
‘The combination of risks and uncertainties is more numerous than probably at any time in recent world history,’ he gloomed to the newspaper.
Of course they have every right to celebrate, after glooming for so long and not knowing what's going to happen, this serves as their first big break.
Pretty soon, she was deep into her daydreams and didn't realize the peeved teacher glooming over her desk.
But sometimes, even how happy your day was there would come an instance where the sun would hide and we feel gloomed .
A darkness gloomed high over them and their heatbeats subsided and they stopped dead in their steps.