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gloom / мрак, уныние, мрачность
имя существительное
darkness, gloom, obscurity, night, murk, shadow
gloom, despondency, discouragement, dejection, depression, sadness
gloom, gloominess, somberness, sombreness, blackness, dourness
frown, scowl, lour, gloom, frounce, lower
cloud over, cloud up, gloom, haze
darken, overshadow, cloud, overcloud, shadow, gloom
имя существительное
partial or total darkness.
he strained his eyes peering into the gloom
a state of depression or despondency.
a year of economic gloom for the car industry
have a dark or somber appearance.
the black gibbet glooms beside the way
be or look depressed or despondent.
Charles was always glooming about money
The morale-boosting victory lifted the gloom hanging over the club amid the uncertainty surrounding its future.
The victory temporarily lifted the gloom surrounding the team's battle against relegation from the Premiership.
He rode in a gloom full of sighing like voices and full of dropping like footsteps.
The candles had burnt away to waxy stumps and the battery in one of the lamps had died through the night leaving her side sunk into darkness and gloom .
He had been away since the first rays of watery sunshine pierced the woodland gloom .
his gloom deepened
After a nice, sunny weekend, we're back to June gloom .
The first of these seems to have caused a sense of gloom , despondency and weary hopelessness to descend on the author as he sat down to put his book together.
Peering out past her hood into the dark gloom , she thought she made out a white shape fluttering in the wind of the storm.
With racing starting early and competitors setting off just seconds apart, the entry has to be limited to 1,800 to protect late runners from having to compete in dusk gloom .