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globular / шаровидный, сферический, состоящий из шаровидных частиц
имя прилагательное
globular, spheroidal, globose, globe-shaped
spherical, spheric, round, globular, orbicular, conglobate
состоящий из шаровидных частиц
имя прилагательное
globe-shaped; spherical.
These have expanding necks and bulbous to globular bodies.
composed of globules.
The small differences among various amino acids are diminished further by averaging over the rather similar compositions of globular proteins.
The stability of the simulations of this large system (- 800 residues and 6,650 water molecules) is comparable to more conventional globular protein simulations.
Resonance energy transfer efficiency is strongly affected by changes in the donor-acceptor distance on the order of a typical globular protein.
The bottle has a direct neck and a globular body and an evened and rounded lip.
Other studies in which quasi-static force spectroscopy was applied to globular proteins generally lack details that can be linked directly to the secondary structure of the protein.
As some of the water was removed, tiny globular islands, or ‘micelles’ of solid material formed in the solution.
The number of observed nanostructures (i.e., fibrils, filaments, and globular aggregates) reduces when the concentration is below 0.1 mg/ml.
Both have a globular or bulbous bell and the reed is placed on a curved or angled crook.
The complete quenching also suggests that lipids in the membrane are not arranged in aggregated or globular constructs that may prevent CO 2 + access.
These have expanding necks and bulbous to globular bodies.
We wandered up into the hills, which are sprinkled just at the moment with globular sheep: first lambs are due hereabouts in ten days or so.