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globetrotter / человек, много путешествующий по свету
имя существительное
a person who travels widely.
The film contains details of the travels of the two globetrotters , and will be played during the exhibition.
She's a globetrotter , even though she would never use that word.
Bangalore has today many a globetrotter , foreign delegate, and tourist.
Never before has he cut such a powerful figure on the world stage, an adrenaline-charging sensation for the globetrotter and an uplifting spectacle for his audience back home.
Always a globetrotter , he lives half the year in Moscow where he has a huge following.
Now that every self-respecting traveller has a tri-band mobile phone, there is a high risk of either the globetrotter or the loved one at home disturbing the slumbers of the other.
He said he is not very widely travelled and does not describe himself as a globetrotter .
Being a peripatetic globetrotter , I have always found ATMs wherever I have touched ground and by paying cash, I have often been able to get cash discounts of up to half the card commission fee.
It is a far cry from the zany globetrotter of his stage shows.
He later switched to catering for high rollers only, but is now an international globetrotter whose ambitious plans for development in south-east Asia could make him the biggest player of all.
And it is only thanks to his scheme that he is now a well-travelled globetrotter .