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globe / глобус, земной шар, шар
имя существительное
globe, sphere
земной шар
globe, earth
ball, sphere, bowl, globe, orb, glob
делать круглым
round out, globe
становиться круглым
имя существительное
the earth.
collecting goodies from all over the globe
a spherical or rounded object.
orange trees clipped into giant globes
form (something) into a globe.
It has become ‘one of those globed compacted things over which thought lingers, and love plays’, its iconic significance guaranteed by Lily's own deep need for harmony and form.
It resembled a globe on a cylinder, with two nacelles.
A seven-foot-tall statue at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy, shows the god Atlas kneeling with a globe weighing on his shoulders.
I rationalized this time span by calculating the surface area of the globe : 21 square feet.
a brandy globe
Brandy should be sniffed, and the globe of a brandy snifter encourages the aroma to rise before you take a sip.
While evidence continues to mount that humans are heating the globe , the world's nations squabble over a complex fix too timid to solve the problem.
A high cap surrounded by three crowns and bearing a globe surmounted by a cross.
Each image above shows the globe of Phoebe, centered at the given longitude.
Since the vacuum of space would have no oxygen, a bare filament WOULD work as a light bulb without the glass globe .
He believes Britain has some of the best schools and universities in the globe .