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globalization / глобализация, применение в глобальном масштабе, распространение в глобальном масштабе
имя существительное
применение в глобальном масштабе
распространение в глобальном масштабе
fears about the increasing globalization of the world economy
The past two decades have seen businesses globalising mostly under duress.
What needs to be globalised is knowledge and understanding.
The moment the debate was publicized on the Internet, it was globalized .
In my terms, bureaucratic bourgeoisies often turn into globalizing bureaucrats, politicians, and professionals with a little help from their friends in the transnational capitalist class.
I can only assume that they've found a way to carry on globalising without these issues mattering - probably because technology has reduced the cost of reversioning.
We are globalised , but have no real intimacy with the rest of the world
The values of freedom and fairness must become the transparent motivation for globalising the world and not the current motivators, greed and exploitation.
Well, we've been globalizing our economy for 50 years.
Their participation is part a masterplan to globalise football.