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globalism / глобализм
millions have lost jobs to the new globalism
In contrast, the emergent open world economy will (so runs the globalist promise) yield prosperity, liberty, democracy, and peace for all humanity.
Maybe it's time for both the globalists and anti-globalists to consider what the poorer and disenfranchised have already worked out.
Importantly, these concerns relate to a larger context of neo-colonial, globalist , consumerist realities of our time.
The effort shows that people do matter more than corporations, and that they can build their communities despite the rampant greed of the globalists .
Yet, globalists do expect governments to play an extremely active role in implementing their political agenda.
This is why political activists of nearly every stripe tend to embrace globalist institutions even if they oppose a specific aspect of globalism.
Anti- globalists champion various causes all the way from anti-sweatshops to protests against genetic engineering.
For generations mariners were the globalists of the working class, now they are fighting to protect our borders from its worst excesses.
Instead this episode will confirm the worst fears of globalists : that multinationals are becoming too powerful for governments to control.