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global / глобальный, мировой, всемирный
имя прилагательное
world, global, worldwide, mondial, Catholic, epoch-making
world, worldwide, global, universal, ecumenical, mondial
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the whole world; worldwide.
the downturn in the global economy
Storm clouds are turning ominously dark as global markets become more unsettled by the week.
A case of smallpox anywhere in the world would represent a global health emergency.
Increasingly in the new global economy, labour is becoming an unregulated commodity.
If it would ever do so, I'm confident the research would be global in nature and statistically reliable.
We want to problematize the question of when the international system became global in scale.
They fear that global capitalism could slide into even greater instability, and slump.
But I see China as a vital part of a growing new global economy.
Those studies also focused on university students, in a bid to get a global picture of the prevalence of dating violence.
What we need are comprehensive, global statistics, and data on long-term trends.
They matter because in the increasingly global marketplace, the clout that counts is corporate.