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glob / шар, шарик, капля
имя существительное
ball, sphere, bowl, globe, orb, glob
ball, bead, bulb, pellet, globule, glob
drop, blob, bead, dribble, ounce, glob
имя существительное
a lump of a semiliquid substance.
thick globs of melted mozzarella cheese
A friend of things draws our attention to this delicacy, ‘a cheesy glob of friend cornmeal the size of a small lemon.’
I notice a little glob of something at the crown of her head.
It suggests a need for consciousness, for mind, for something that is more than just a collection of synapses in a glob of gray-matter.
On the other hand, you don't have to be there when the next owner looks at the glob of paint on the cupboard, and thinks: incompetent.
The steel counter is littered with packets of sugar and globs of chocolate syrup and latte foam.
The petit fours are little globs of chocolatey butter and jolly fine for all that.
The ice cream itself is fine, but instead of having little bits of marshmallow strewn randomly throughout, it has great big globs of marshmallow stuck more or less in the center.
There are no smidgens in my family: there are dollops, handfuls, and globs .
The gold can occur in fractures, seams, masses, or small globs .
Each bit has a home, like paint spread thickly across a canvas instead of in globs dropped here and there.