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glitzy / роскошный, кричащий, безвкусный
имя прилагательное
luxurious, sumptuous, splendid, deluxe, palatial, glitzy
screaming, flashy, crying, glaring, showy, glitzy
tasteless, gaudy, flavorless, insipid, inelegant, glitzy
имя прилагательное
ostentatiously attractive (often used to suggest superficial glamour).
I wanted something glitzy to wear to the launch party
What a contrast it was to get back to our grotty hotel after such a glitzy day.
All tickets are booked, the glitzy hotel has been booked, and I will be flying up there this Friday, around mid day.
The glitzy banner adorning the incomplete wall has four large Chinese characters.
They are successful enough to switch their mobiles off at the weekend and prefer hanging out with good friends to glitzy bars and restaurants.
Many have been immortalised on film, from the glitzy hustle of Las Vegas to the wintry baroque of Prague.
Too often the originality has been squeezed out of the shows, leaving a hollow, albeit glitzy , commercial juggernaut.
Want to know what is happening behind the scenes in the glitzy world of Bollywood and Hollywood?
If you're wondering where I am tonight, I'll be in my hometown's premiere glitzy theatre, living the dream here.
Wear an embellished belt or glitzy cuffs with a plain knit or skirt, and use black to counterbalance an opulent shoe or bag.
And she brought this glitzy top… Do you think a feather boa would look right?