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glitterati / верхушка писательской братии, заправилы шоу-бизнеса
имя существительное
верхушка писательской братии
заправилы шоу-бизнеса
имя существительное
the fashionable set of people engaged in show business or some other glamorous activity.
Magazine writers are mining the territory of their day jobs to write bankable novels that bring readers inside the worlds of music and fashion glitterati .
I agree that it's cruel to daughters and wives to raise the stakes of beauty to an unattainable level just to spite the glitterati .
Seasoned fans bristling for a good time, designers decked out almost as wildly as their creations, the glitterati from Wellington and Auckland, cool in black.
‘Ethical living’ was once the domain of hair-shirted hippies living in the sticks; now it has been adopted by the urban glitterati .
Country's glitterati from the world of fashion, entertainment and Bollywood dazzled at the function.
the neighbourhood has become a favourite haunt of the glitterati
Blessed with picturesque locales, the city may soon become the ‘most favoured destination’ for the glitterati of the film world.
Fashion shows are inevitable hangouts on the glitterati calendar.
This is typical of our mainstream media, the glitterati 's inanities invariably gain precedence over profound social and national issues.
A bar at the front serves up-market cocktails to the local art glitterati .
the glitterati of the art world