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glitter / блеск, яркий блеск, сверкание
имя существительное
shine, splendor, gloss, brilliance, glitter, luster
яркий блеск
glitter, glint
glitter, scintillation, sparkle, flash, glint, flashing
shine, glisten, glitter, sparkle, glint, sheen
sparkle, glitter, flash, blaze, glow, glisten
shine, sparkle, glitter, coruscate
имя существительное
bright, shimmering, reflected light.
the blue glitter of the sea
tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration.
sneakers trimmed with sequins and glitter
an attractive and exciting but superficial quality.
he avoids the glitter of show business
shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.
trees and grass glittered with dew
Once upstairs, she found a wooden door marked with an A4 piece of cartridge paper, decorated with glitter and sequins and spelling out her first name in finger-painted letters.
The sun's rays kiss the body of the mountains as the frosts on the grass melts and the dew drops on the flower sparkle like a diamond to the glitter of light.
He flipped it into the air, watching the flash and glitter of the light on the blade.
Suddenly a small glitter of light on the ground caught her eye.
Today's more tech-experienced teachers are also more able to see beyond a presentation's extra glitter to the quality of learning within.
the scathing glitter in his eyes
The alley was pitch black except for the reflected glitter of the water on the walls.
I saw both relief and grief glitter in his light blue eyes.
The physical world has abundant glitter , but emptiness lies beneath its superficial shine.
I think the whole concept of highlighting the servicing character of a hospital stems from an over-preoccupation with superficial glitter .