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glimpse / проблеск, намек, некоторое представление
имя существительное
glimpse, gleam, flash, glimmering, spark, peep
hint, allusion, cue, reference, suggestion, glimpse
некоторое представление
видеть мельком
streak, twinkle, glimpse, play, streak off
zip, shoot, glimpse, shoot out, shoot past, shoot along
имя существительное
a momentary or partial view.
she caught a glimpse of the ocean
see or perceive briefly or partially.
he glimpsed a figure standing in the shade
Complex analysis of the international tale of the hero or heroine who glimpses a forbidden sight and suffers for it.
Rolling her eyes, her father caught glimpse in the mirror.
In the mirror, I caught my first glimpse of his face without the ironwork interrupting his features.
during the interview he offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse of television
And I was left with the feeling of having been granted a glimpse of heaven.
Sleep leaves me and I groggily sit up, glimpsing at my watch.
Everyone here has heard the stories - or maybe, been on a convoy through the green zone, briefly glimpsed the way that other half lives.
A large gasp emerged from my throat as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
From the opposite ends of the political spectrum, we had each glimpsed a piece of the same truth.
The headmaster glimpsed in memory the little suburban classroom.