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glean / подбирать колосья, тщательно подбирать, подбирать виноград
подбирать колосья
тщательно подбирать
handpick, glean
подбирать виноград
extract (information) from various sources.
the information is gleaned from press clippings
I use junk to fix things and glean new ideas and inspiration.
After the harvest the peasants enjoyed the collective right to glean and to graze livestock on the stubble.
They were not to glean their fields for stray grain, nor harvest the corners.
So what can we glean from our collection of titles?
In the open-field areas of northern France they could glean after harvest and their cattle could graze on the stubble.
Political correspondents tried every tactic to glean a name, but even the collective force of the media could not undo this seasoned pro.
These learning modules use simple, easy-to-understand language and contain a wealth of information gleaned from various sources.
Only scanty information could be gleaned from POWs.
Like the planter's grain or publisher's newspaper clippings, the overabundance of our media archives can now be clipped and gathered by a new generation of gleaners .
They gleaned and gathered fuel, nuts, berries, mushrooms, and acorns.