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gleam / отблеск, проблеск, луч
имя существительное
reflection, glow, gleam, glint, reflexion, reflex
glimpse, gleam, flash, glimmering, spark, peep
beam, ray, shaft, gleam
shine, glow, light up, gleam, phosphoresce, glory
flicker, glimmer, twinkle, shimmer, blink, gleam
имя существительное
a faint or brief light, especially one reflected from something.
the gleam of a silver tray
shine brightly, especially with reflected light.
light gleamed on the china cats
The airplane literally glistened in the sun - an unmistakable gleam reflected by the windshield challenged everyone to draw closer.
He also expressed his joy and pride at the gleam in people's eyes at looking at ‘what is our art collection.’
A gleam of something shot through his eyes, and I shrunk back in fear.
The fire he had put upon that man had died, clouding his vision with a silver gleam .
Hard to miss, especially by night divers, whose lights catch the gleam from its huge opalescent eyes, is the ratfish, which cruises by on wing-like pectoral fins.
Sighing, I drove off towards the park with only the faint gleam of the moonlight to guide me.
She got faster and faster and soon the dagger was just a silver gleam of light.
An evil gleam came into his eyes and he grinned mischievously at Tara.
At first it shone bright and clear like Venus and Jupiter, then it glowed red like Mars, finally fading to a dull gleam , like the light of Saturn.
His face was expressionless, but the gleam in his eyes told her he was angry.