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glaze / глазурь, полива, лессировка
имя существительное
glaze, frosting, glazing, lacquer, varnish, enamel
glaze, enamel
glaze, glazing, scumble
имя существительное
a vitreous substance fused on to the surface of pottery to form a hard, impervious decorative coating.
People learn how to hand decorate a collection of unglazed pottery with water-based glazes .
a liquid such as milk or beaten egg, used to form a smooth shiny coating on food.
Succulent beef was grilled and marinated in a spicy glaze then tossed with hot chilies, fresh cilantro leaves, and cooling slices of cucumbers.
a thin, glassy coating of ice on the ground or the surface of water.
There may be a thin glaze of ice where water is standing.
fit panes of glass into (a window or doorframe or similar structure).
windows can be glazed using laminated glass
overlay or cover (food, fabric, etc.) with a smooth, shiny coating or finish.
new potatoes that had been glazed in mint-flavored butter
lose brightness and animation.
the prospect makes my eyes glaze over with boredom
They are a traditional ring doughnut with a wafer thin sugar glaze .
The scabbard was decorated with patterns much similar to that of the hilt, and was enameled in a smooth glaze .
Later, colorful enamels were added on top of the clear glaze .
A transparent glaze is applied overall and, finally, the piece is fired again.
A water coupe, often decorated with a peach-bloom glaze , was a small, precious vessel designed for a scholar's table.
What you expect are plump oysters, set on cushion of fresh, blanched spinach, napped with a buttery emulsion and flashed under the grill, just enough to cook the oyster and glaze the sauce.
the prospect makes my eyes glaze over with boredom
I watched his bosom heave, his chest swell and his eyes glaze over.
But ultimately, they tasted like baked donuts with an apple glaze .
Their eyes glaze over when you talk to them about the problem.