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glaswegian / уроженец Глазго
имя существительное
уроженец Глазго
имя прилагательное
относящийся к городу Глазго
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Glasgow.
Barga and Glasgow have a strong connection, since many Glaswegian Italians hail originally from there.
имя существительное
a native of Glasgow.
However, the club could not continue without a feed through to the senior side of native Glaswegians .
We love each other, but we can't say that - we're Glaswegian men.
He spoke with a west of Scotland accent, possibly Glaswegian .
The cruise which heralded her return to service was a suitably quirky occasion, as invited guests mingled with ordinary Glaswegians who had snapped up the remaining tickets.
‘There you go,’ she says, sarcasm and Glaswegian accent increasing proportionately.
There is no doubt that many Glaswegians firmly believe the ruling Scottish establishment looks more favourably upon east than west.
They have the same needs as Glaswegians in terms of health services, social welfare, education and advice.
It's a history of Glasgow that many Glaswegians are even unaware of.
In a week when Scotland emerged as the world leader in asthma, it was sadly inevitable that few eyebrows were raised at the statistic that Glaswegians have the lowest life expectancy in Britain.
Compared with a decade or two ago, Glaswegians are less likely to smoke, more likely to eat healthy foods and are more likely to breast feed their children.
The decision of stay-at-home tourists to trade up is putting pressure on seaside resorts, not least the burghers of Blackpool, a traditional bolt-hole for thousands of Glaswegians .