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glassy / стеклянный, стекловидный, гладкий
имя прилагательное
glass, glassy, vitreous
glassy, vitreous, hyaline
smooth, sleek, plain, slick, polished, glassy
имя прилагательное
of or resembling glass in some way, in particular.
(of a person's eyes or expression) showing no interest or animation; dull and glazed.
He glanced up at her; his glassy eyes registered no emotion.
I see beyond the glassy eyes and into the person trapped inside, desperate, scared, holding on to what little is left, knowing there will be less tomorrow.
You could see in everyone's glassy eyes, that people were genuinely having fun, opening up and talking to complete strangers.
I almost started to question his shoe color preference when I realized his eyes were glassy , his face was flushed, and he seemed distracted.
Witness said he got a strong smell of drink from the driver, whose speech was slurred and whose eyes were glassy .
The latter of which resonated from Stephanie; in glassy eyes she stood repressing the emotion.
The sun set behind the ridge leaving a spectrum of deepening light to settle around us in the cool air among the tumbling sound of the glassy water.
Alissa stared at her with a blank glassy expression.
He glanced up at her; his glassy eyes registered no emotion.
Flint looks glassy and impervious, but in fact is quite porous.
Tears rolled down from Margreet's glassy eyes.