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glandular / железистый, грандулярный, в форме железы
имя прилагательное
glandular, ferruginous, ferrous, ferriferous, chalybeate, glandiform
в форме железы
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or affecting a gland or glands.
The prostate specimen showed glandular and stromal hyperplasia.
Typical cuboidal prostatic glandular epithelium lined most of the glands.
The glandular epithelium secretes a mucoid fluid rich in glycogen.
Normal and hyperplastic glandular epithelium present in the biopsies was counted as an internal control.
All 8 previously reported cases and the present case showed a variable degree of glandular atrophy.
The glandular epithelium resembles that seen in apocrine sweat glands.
HIV may manifest as a glandular fever-like illness with seroconversion.
In light of the cyst recurrence and the glandular tumor in the spleen, a distal pancreatectomy was performed.
Barrett's mucosa was reported if glandular mucosa was present in a biopsy sample from the oesophagus.
In hypertrophie gastritis, there is usually considerable chronic inflammation and glandular atrophy.
The diagnosis is made when elements of squamous or glandular differentiation cannot be proven.