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glancing / взглянуть, глянуть, мельком взглянуть
glance, take a look at, take a glance, take a gander, give a glance, give a look
мельком взглянуть
glance, glance at
имя прилагательное
striking someone or something at an angle rather than directly and with full force.
he was struck a glancing blow
take a brief or hurried look.
Ginny glanced at her watch
hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely.
he saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head
Even an glancing blow could cause new devastation to the already-stricken city.
She fires four more shots: two direct hits, two glancing blows.
Take a flashlight and shine it at a glancing angle across the wall and the mold almost lights up.
The student tried to avoid the drunken man but suffered a glancing blow: ‘I was uninjured but a little shaken by the experience.’
Luckily, we only caught the tree a glancing blow.
Mr Haven, of Indianapolis, said the Titanic struck a glancing blow to the iceberg as it attempted to turn away.
The result of my three shots was, one miss, one glancing blow but the third one was a heart shot!
Now he's hitting the ball squarely, instead of with a glancing blow.
An ordinary concave mirror wouldn't work, because X-rays would just go through - they reflect only at glancing angles.
He was struck once in the left shoulder, merely a glancing blow.