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glance / взгляд, беглый взгляд, блеск
имя существительное
sight, view, look, opinion, glance, eye
беглый взгляд
glance, fleeting glance, look-see
shine, splendor, gloss, brilliance, glitter, glance
быстрый взгляд
peek, glance, glimpse, dekko, eyebeam, eyewink
flash, outbreak, flare, outburst, burst, glance
glance, take a look at, take a glance, take a gander, give a glance, give a look
мельком взглянуть
glance, glance at
бегло просмотреть
glance, run an eye over
glance, glance aside, glance off
имя существительное
a brief or hurried look.
Sean and Michael exchanged glances
a flash or gleam of light.
a shiny sulfide ore of lead, copper, or other metal.
It is usually assumed that when lead glance is opened up with nitric and tartaric acids and water, the silver remains in solution as nitrate.
take a brief or hurried look.
Ginny glanced at her watch
hit something at an angle and bounce off obliquely.
he saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head
The wooden shaft was flitted with small bits of steel and iron, so it could glance off blades and other things without being split or cut.
he saw a stone glance off a crag and hit Tom on the head
Avery cast a long, sideways glance in his direction and glared at him.
John stole a quick glance over his shoulder.
Instead, they glance off walls at 200 mph, looking showroom fresh.
With a fine header of the ball, he demonstrated his ability by rising highest to glance the ball past Brown.
His cross was nicely placed for the young striker to glance the ball past the goalie, raise the spirits of the home support and signal the charge for the final period of the game.
Smaller, lighter swords used at close distance would glance off suits of armor.
Rachel gave herself a last glance in the mirror before she left for the party.
There were no shrieks of protest; just a sidelong, questioning glance .