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glamour / очарование, чары, волшебство
имя существительное
charm, fascination, glamor, enchantment, allure, loveliness
spell, charms, charm, glamor, sorcery, wizardry
magic, sorcery, enchantment, glamor, theurgy, faerie
имя прилагательное
spectacular, effective, showy, dramatic, glamor, glamorous
glamor, glamour
glamor, glamour
cast a spell on, cast a spell over, witch, bedevil, glamor, cast a glamor over
имя существительное
the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.
the glamour of Monte Carlo
George had none of his brother's glamour
that maiden, made by glamour out of flowers
a glamour model
Yes, I know full well that loads of money in no way guarantees you health or happiness, and I would much rather my ordinary lifestyle compared to the glitz and glamour .
Alas, he remained unimpressed by glamour and beauty.
There's so much excitement, and glitz, and glamour here.
Whereas any black actress who wants to make it in Hollywood has to confront a world where glamour , beauty, sensuality and sexuality, desirability are always encoded as white.
However, the show wasn't all glitz and glamour .
With the glitz, glamour and sense of history-in-the-making absent, yesterday was simply a rather poor tennis match, which no one much minded who won, least of all the two girls.
It's a formula centred around an almost predatory, sexually-confident brand of glamour .