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glamorous / очаровательный, обаятельный, эффектный
имя прилагательное
charming, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, captivating, lovely
charming, glamorous, winsome, engaging, winning, ravishing
spectacular, effective, showy, dramatic, glamor, glamorous
имя прилагательное
having glamour.
one of the world's most glamorous women
The acclaim was richly deserved, but things were less glamorous from her point of view.
Although it was less glamorous , it was still very comfortable.
None of this will make vaccines as glamorous - or as profitable - as drugs.
glamorous restaurant
It came as a shock to learn that they were not these glamorous , mysterious creatures but that they had feet of clay.
But for me, its certainly not the money and its not the glamorous lifestyle.
He is actually playing the part of a giant doughnut, which doesn't sound very glamorous to us.
But the whole point is, I wanted the devil to be glamorous .
So how does she find the time to look so glamorous ?
Styling may sound very glamorous , but it's not all it seems.