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glamorize / рекламировать, восхвалять, давать высокую оценку
advertise, promote, tout, publicize, sell, glamorize
praise, eulogize, magnify, exalt, sing the praises of, glamorize
давать высокую оценку
glamorize, glamourize
make (something) seem glamorous or desirable, especially spuriously so.
the lyrics glamorize drugs
We feel the onslaught of television shows that promote and glamorize this destructive lifestyle are irresponsible and lead young impressionable children to wrong conclusions.
Why not ban portrayals that glamorize disrespect to parents?
That's why we don't give out prescriptive drug information or glamorize its use.
the lyrics glamorize drugs
Many of these websites openly promote drug use, others glamorize the drug culture and thereby implicitly promote use and experimentation.
the lyrics glamorize drugs
Such is the power of the media to glamorize the supposed opportunities for individual advancement afforded by the new order that many are captivated by its promises.
It didn't diminish or glamourize the subject at all.
Endless films - I have to say particularly some American ones - seem to glamourize war.
This may seem to be glamourising the industry, but at least it would mean that the prostitutes, and there must be a lot of them up and down the country, would be safe and not exploited.