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glam / глэм
имя прилагательное
a magician and his glam assistant
имя существительное
sass, panache, and a dash of glam
make oneself look glamorous.
Left to his own devices, he glams up, dons his sister's gold platform boots and realises that he was born to boogie.
Rooms will range from budget to what she calls budget glam .
Then the band made the unfortunate decision to record a glam metal album, which did an enormous amount of damage to their career.
It sounds like she's plugged into all the glitz and glam of the fashion industry, but Walt is quick to point out her less-than-ornate lifestyle.
Just three years old, this black-tie rivals its senior benefit galas for glam , grace and style.
Yet this slice of pop heaven was on the shelves by autumn 1971, making it officially the first glam album in the world.
Expect some electro, Brit, punk, and glam and perhaps even some outfits dripping with the irony of the un-remembered '80s. Cover is only $5 at the door so rock on!
I was always far more interested in looking glam for going out, so that meant dresses, high heels and fabby make-up.
They were suffering through the dreaded opening-act curse, but eventually redeemed themselves with their mascara-running blend of glam , garage and punk.
I love the whole idea of the actresses, and the glam of the actresses.
Off to the Opera where people still dress to attend - many glam outfits were brought out of mothballs even in the Upper Audatorium where I managed to get cheap seats.