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glad / радостный, довольный, приятный
имя прилагательное
glad, joyful, joyous, cheery, merry, gay
satisfied, pleased, happy, content, contented, glad
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, glad
имя существительное
gladiolus, sword lily, gladiole, glad
имя прилагательное
pleased; delighted.
she was alive, which was something to be glad about
имя существительное
a gladiolus.
The major insect pest of glads is the gladiolus thrip.
make happy; please.
Albion's lessening shore could grieve or glad mine eye
I'm glad to hear you say you have some qualms here.
In fact, I was quite glad of her presence, for had she not been there, some of the young men just may have been looking at me.
I am so glad people are finding pleasure from what I have accomplished.
It is quite unjust and sometimes demoralising to see how fate dishes out its own glad tidings.
I'm very, very glad to hear that this is a good movie.
And we're glad to welcome him to do that, and we'll be right back after this.
This is what they want and we should all be glad for being able to please.
There's a snowball fight in the street out front, and I'm very glad of my flasks of soup.
About mid-morning the London agent handling the new flat woke up and gave us the glad tidings that the rental will be available from tomorrow afternoon.
It was a nice night, though, and I think everyone was glad for a reason to stay together and talk.