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glaciated / подвергшийся действию ледников
имя прилагательное
подвергшийся действию ледников
имя прилагательное
covered or having been covered by glaciers or ice sheets.
a glaciated valley
Admire the view to the south - the classic glaciated valley of Strath Nethy.
The study site consisted of two glaciated , connecting valleys that run roughly north-south and east-west.
Antarctica is the only glaciated continent on the planet, and as such constitutes a unique element in the Earth's environment.
The area is home to some stunning scenery, there is a tremendous landscape of rolling sandstone hills and mountains, corrie lakes, inland cliffs and glaciated valleys to paint.
Cooling in the late Eocene was thus the beginning of a long-term shift from the cool-temperate climate of the Eocene to the glaciated , polar climate found in Antarctica today.
The two maps are genetically related, but very different, in some ways loosely comparable to the ‘Solid’ and ‘Drift’ geological maps of a heavily glaciated area.
The schist has been glaciated , resulting in exposed outcrop surfaces of 20-30 meters, studded with staurolite crystals.
Pennsylvania encompasses 11.7 million hectares, with two glaciated sections in the northwest and northeastern corners of the state.
Eurasia was not extensively glaciated during the last glacial advance, unlike North America.
Uplifted in geological time and repeatedly glaciated , it is a large relatively flat landscape pitted with thousands of lake and tarns.