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glacial / ледниковый, ледяной, холодный
имя прилагательное
ice, icy, glacial, freezing, frosty, algid
cold, chilly, bleak, chill, frigid, glacial
имя прилагательное
relating to, resulting from, or denoting the presence or agency of ice, especially in the form of glaciers.
thick glacial deposits
of ice; icy.
the glacial mountains of New Zealand
имя существительное
a glacial period.
This then provides the opportunity for Milankovich cycles to become the pacemaker of the ice ages, causing alternating glacials and interglacials.
During cold glacial times, desert regions become more arid and the production of silt increases and its transportation is enhanced.
He wondered if Clara had packed her blue satin dress - no it still clung to the wardrobe hook, like ice, glacial blue.
The pace of life in the deep sea is literally glacial , species grow extremely slowly and they live to extraordinary ages.
This dispassionate view of man and nature brings an icy edge to his work, intensified by her color choice of glacial whites and gelid blues.
He looked at the angry, confused faces on the screen frozen against a glacial blue sky.
She leaned back and looked into the glacial blue of his eyes.
In the last million years, the Earth has been through seven glacial cycles, the last of which - named the Holocene - began 10,000 years ago.
I could see across the flood plain towards rivers of blue glacial ice cascading down from the flanks of distant mountains.
In some sections these high values declined to more moderate values just below the glacial deposits.
If a would-be spammer had to perform one second of computation for each person he spammed, the pace of spam would slow to glacial .