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gizzard / живот, второй желудок, глотка
имя существительное
stomach, belly, abdomen, tummy, paunch, gizzard
второй желудок
pharynx, throat, swallow, gullet, larynx, gizzard
имя существительное
a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird's stomach for grinding food, typically with grit.
They have been known, like other members of this group, to swallow grit to help grind coarse food in their gizzards .
Significant effects of gizzard shad access likely occurred due to the additional surface area provided for periphyton by the mesh netting.
Herbivorous, granivorous and insectivorous birds have a highly specialized, muscular gizzard with an inner lining of hard cuticle.
Their digestion is also aided by a muscular gizzard containing stones to help break down food
We conducted two mesocosm experiments to determine the effects of sediment feeding by gizzard shad and fish size on nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics.
Due to their soft food diet, lorikeets have a weak ventricular muscle or gizzard , which is usually used for grinding seeds by other birds.
Two fish in the gizzard shad-access treatment (two different enclosures) died 8 days following the introduction of fish.
Unfortunately, the time that a hard piece of gravel or grit spends in the gizzard can be quite variable: sometimes a few days, sometimes a few months.
In Florida, the diet was comprised mainly of fishes, with gizzard shad, bullhead catfish, and small bluegill particularly common.
It usually contains pebbles and seems to be used for ‘chewing’ in much the same way as a bird's gizzard .
Grain is stored in their crops and ground by the grit in their gizzard .