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gizmo / штуковина
thing, contraption
имя существительное
a gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.
the latest multimedia gizmo
the latest multimedia gizmo
the latest multimedia gizmo
The computer is a gizmo, and it's a great gizmo, but it's not an ultimate gizmo .
Not that cheapest is best, but that you don't need all the gizmos to write a good book.
Not that the younger singers lack talent but that old magic is difficult to recreate even with all the gizmos and remixes that music channels belt out.
But is this the kind of brave new world you want to live in - where household gizmos are smarter and more articulate than most politicians?
We now have container security initiatives and all kinds of gizmos and ways to check what's loaded into the containers.
They measure by quantity and by gizmos and toys.
The endless stream of gadgetry and gizmos is impressive, if credulity-stretching.
Taking off one of these gizmos recalls language used in airplane takeoffs.