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given / данный, определенный, подаренный
имя прилагательное
given, present
certain, definite, specific, determined, given, distinct
имя существительное
нечто данное
имя прилагательное
specified or stated.
our level of knowledge on any given subject
inclined or disposed to.
she was not often given to anger
(of a document) signed and dated.
given under my hand this eleventh day of April
taking into account.
given the complexity of the task, they were able to do a good job
имя существительное
a known or established fact or situation.
at a couture house, attentive service is a given
It is a given that dearer oil causes economies to contract - leading to a fall in prices as a result.
The most avid watcher quickly becomes jaded given the quantity of information to absorb.
The joint stance by the four countries is seen as significant given their earlier split on the war.
Change of whatever nature and magnitude is very crucial to any given society.
You'll know this if you talk music with them for any given length of time, or watch the way they practise.
But this is not all: he feels that there is a little too much going on at any given moment.
This figure is more impressive given I spent most of last week on holiday.
One of the roles of philosophy has been to examine critically the intellectual tools of any given era.
I thought it was a given that the government was corrupt and lying to you, and everyone was a leftist.
It's a given that every musician hungers to try the solo album at one time or another.