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giveaway / ненамеренное разоблачение тайны, распродажа, ненамеренное предательство
имя существительное
ненамеренное разоблачение тайны
sale, sell-out, clearance sale, bargain sale, closeout, give-away
ненамеренное предательство
имя прилагательное
low, lower, poor, deep, short, bottom
имя существительное
a thing that is given free, especially for promotional purposes.
a preelection tax giveaway
a thing that makes an inadvertent revelation.
the shape of the parcel was a dead giveaway
имя прилагательное
free of charge.
giveaway goodies
small giveaway mannerisms
The new virus makes its way into computers through an email attachment and is less obvious than previous viruses due to a lack of giveaway signs.
They've identified 12 books for London to give particular prominence to - on posters, in campaigns and on giveaway bookmarks.
They also aim to fill their planes as near as possible to capacity, even if it means selling tickets at seemingly giveaway prices.
The source of that class was the corrupt decision to sell off the state's assets (above all in energy and minerals) at giveaway prices and without open competition, in return for huge kickbacks.
My jacket doesn't say where it was made, but the label's Chinese characters are a dead giveaway .
The monthly giveaway sports magazine launched towards the end of last year in a bid to attract new customers will be redesigned before its next edition.
But that means there's still that giveaway jerkiness of movement.
Your hair is exactly like your father's - it's a dead giveaway .
Sometimes the title is, or should be, a dead giveaway .
But the new campaign is in parts economical with factual information - even if the giveaway answers are buried elsewhere in the pamphlet.