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git / мерзавец
имя существительное
an unpleasant or contemptible person.
But we need to improve and revitalise, not only for the old gits like me.
a warped, twisted little git
The ignorant git , though, is to the right of Ms Sands' friend and colleague.
The old git should be ashamed of not even being able to draw with grace.
that mean old git
He had been an idiot, a complete git in believing or just hoping that his father had changed.
As a matter of fact, I'm quite looking forward to being an old git .
I've had the same conversation with 3 different people - they all said, totally unprompted, what miserable gits the returning officers and their assistants were.
The Italians who owned the hotel were miserable gits whom I felt treated our party with disdain because they were older people.
The little gits persist in playing football outside my flat even in the foulest term-time downpours.
At least I know the people there won't be utter gits , which is something.